Wyldlife “The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll”

WyldlifeLooking at the name, I first thought that this was another 80s hair metal revival band, but I was wrong! This album was actually produced by Tuk (BITERS) and has big ’77 punk rock, early glam and power pop influences. Opening song “The Right” reminds me of The EXPLODING HEARTS (quite an efficient way to grab my attention!) while “Wasted” or “Guardian Angels” mix CHEAP TRICK influences to 70s hard rock ones (THIN LIZZY, KISS) the same way the BITERS do it: Fine melodies, powerful hooks and cool guitar riffs.
Bands like PILLBOX and the GUN CLUB also come to mind while listening to “Sonofabitch”, quite a good way to add some change without getting lost in something completely different.
WYLDLIFE also know how to get on the 70s glammy side (“Trash”) and can show as much energy as The HIVES on a song like “Cowboys & Slutz”, which only makes you think that the live version of the song should probably be fun to hear and see!
I’m warning you, some of the songs on “Time Has Come To Rock & Roll” such as  “Saturday Night”, “Wasted” and “First Time Is The Worst” won’t leave your mind once you’ve listened to them… That’s always a good sign, isn’t it?/Laurent C.


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