JJ & The Real Jerks “Economy Class Ego Trip”

jjandtherealjerks_econoclass6 songs on transparent sky blue vinyl released by Rankoutsider Records. This looks good from the start!
“Downward & Outward” opens in a bluesy punk rock’n’roll way not too far from The HANGMEN territory, you also get some Thunders kind of guitars and killer sax/piano solos on “Economy Class Ego Trip.” Well, I haven’t heard of this band from Los Angeles before, but two songs are enough to prove that they definitely know how to rock and roll!
When JJ & The REAL JERKS slow down the tempo to offer us “South Of The Borderline”, they manage to stand somewhere between TSOL and The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH! Actually, Greg Kuehn (TSOL/The Joneses) plays on this record. B-side hits hard with “Thrift Baby” (a high energy -but still melodic- punk rock”n’roll tune!) and “Finer Things”, a song that sounds a bit like a garage jam between The HANGMEN and PRIMA DONNA.
Let’s face it, this fine wax piece of Californian punk rock’n’roll should be the next EP you buy!/Laurent C.


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