JJ & The Real Jerks “S/T” EP

Six new songs as a digital release by Californian rock'n'roller JJ & The REAL JERKS. "Axe Me" offers us what we already love in the band, killer NEW YORK DOLLS guitars and straight in your face choruses, while "Put Me Out" and "Split Decision" are first class punk rock'n'roll bombs! Fans of The JONESES will... Continue Reading →

J.J. & The Real Jerks “In The Alleyway” (EP)

5 new songs on CD by Californian rock'n'rollers JJ & The REAL JERKS who released a couple of 7" vinyl records before. "Out Of My Means" hits hard from the start with killer glam rock and roll guitars and demented X-RAY SPEX sax (also played by JJ)! "Damaged Goods" starts more like a RAMONES song,... Continue Reading →

JJ & The Real Jerks

After reviewing their new vinyl EP "Economy Class Ego Trip", we wanted to know more about JJ & The REAL JERKS. JJ answered our questions... Can you tell us a bit about the band's history? What have you released so far? The band started in mid 2009, essentially as a recording project just to get... Continue Reading →

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