The Erotics “United We Can’t Stand”

A new 8 song album by Albany (NY)’s sleaziest rock’n’roll band, The EROTICS. “Steroid and Cocaine” opens on a heavy rock note that will make you want to go for a furious headbanging session, before “Ain’t Talkin’ To You” takes you right into the US sleaze rock territory, where The EROTICS always excel. “Big Beautiful Heels”mixes 70s hard rock and punk guitar riffs, while “United We Can’t Stand” is a catchy glam punk song that you’ll sing all day after listening to the album.
The EROTICS also has roots in classic American hard rock like AEROSMITH, and you can hear that in “Crawlin’ On Broken Glass”, but a song like “Only When I Bleed” and its horror humour and catchy chorus can appeal to WEDNESDAY 13 fans. “Pretty Little Bomb” could have been a FASTER PUSSYCAT song, and “Whoreified” closes this new album in style, and makes you think that after all these years, The EROTICS still have a lot to say. Now, if only they could tour in Europe! /Laurent C.
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