Trashcan Darlings – Me Punk, You Fuck! (Some Of The Award Winning Hits From The World’s Greatest Band Ever)

14 years after their last show, the glamour ghosts of The TRASHCAN DARLINGS are back on vinyl with this 14 song compilation. Despite being Norway’s undisputable kings and queens of glam punk, these flamboyant DARLINGS achieved a cult status in the international sleazy gutter rock scene. You’ll hear some of their best tracks on this record including classics from their “Gore Gore Boys & Splatter Pussies” EP like “I Just Wanna Die (On a Chemical High)”, “(She’s a) Fuck Around” or “Angel Lost”. I presonally can’t count the million times I had these songs on my mind through the years! If you’re a punk rocker then you won’t be able to stay away from “Johnny Is A Drag-queen”, “Psychotic Barbie” or “Me Punk, You Fuck !” If you like more melody then songs like “Please Darling Please” or the heartbroken “Depressed” and “Far From Me” are the ones for you. And again, how could you resist songs like “Rocket Madonna” or “So Whore”?…. Or the mega fantastic “Holiday In My Head”, one of my all-time favourite glam punk songs!
I still have the photo version of this album cover as a poster and I still wear my very old TRASHCAN DARLINGS shirt so you can imagine that I could easily have filled a second compilation vinyl but I have to admit that the tracklist on here is excellent! “All The Stories We Could Tell” is the perfect tune to put an end to this record. The songs have been remastered and this record is out on Last Exit Music from Germany. Whether you knew the band or not, you will love this vinyl record if you’re used to reading our website! Time to glam it up! /Laurent C.

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