Gilby Clarke “The Gospel Truth”

20 years waiting for this for fuck’s sake!
First of all, I must admit that I have a special kind of love for Gilby’s albums, as a matter of fact, I decided to become a guitar player after his Pawnshop Guitars album.
Always thought the dude’s great when it comes to riffs, Gilby’s work is all about explosion, he is a songwriter and riff master and this new album proves it again, no doubt about it.
Before describing the album I’d like to clarify again the fact that I must be not that objective here, I’m writing this from a fan perspective.
So here it goes :
The album kicks of with “The Gospel Truth”, classic Gilby at his best, a catchy riff with pure Rock and Roll energy, a suckerpunch made in California.
“Wayfarer” comes in second place, with amazing 1970s like keyboards and atmosphere, a bit Stones but raw.
“Tightwad” features Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx on bass and Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins on drums, one thing I love about this album is how it’s mixed, Gilby’s vocals are up front, the rhythm here is killer and totally genuine, which is something I’ve always loved about his solo albums, Gilby’s albums are cult albums.
“Rock and Roll is Getting Louder” is pure Gilby Clarke, a song about motorcycles, something that he is well known for loving, this one is anthemic, he shot a pretty cool video for it, Easy Rider spirit 100 %
“Wise Old Timer” is a mid tempo riff based song followed by “Violation”, a Rolling Stones inspired tune which brings back so many memories of his concerts, I can totally see him opening a gig with this one.
“The Ending” is a personal favorite here, a straight bass line and the feeling that real Rock and Roll is not dead, it just went under, like he said in the teaser for “The Gospel Truth”.
Songs like “Dangerous Sin” and “Rusted N Busted” keep this thing up beat and they confirm the songwriter vibe and soul, finally “She Won’t Fight Fair” closes a Rock and Roll trip that it’s hard to find these days.
I’m so glad this album is out!!!
This is Rolling Stones meets Ace Frehley with more distortion, you cannot dislike this one if you are a true rock and roller.
One more thing.
Gilby, please, don’t wait another 20 years dude.
/Juan Pablo Mazzola (aka Baby Scream)

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