The Legendary Pink Dots/kETvECTOR “The Shock Exchange”

Very limited (299) transparent vinyl record store day edition to celebrate the meeting of avant-garde/industrial rock pioneers The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS and Justin Bennett (SKINNY PUPPY drummer)’s project kETvECTOR.
The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS offer us 3 dark and quiet (sometimes almost ambient songs coloured with psychedelic and electronica arrangements.) You can actually hear the strong influence they had on SKINNY PUPPY in these songs, so sharing this record with kETvECTOR only appears as natural, although kETvECTOR‘s music is even more progressive, subtly mixing ambient atmospheres to oriental melodies and free-jazz drum beats.
The artwork includes paintings from Franke Nardiello (aka Groovie Mann) of MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT.
“The Shock Exchange” is not only an interesting meeting, it also perfectly works as a unit./Laurent C.

Ordre from Rustblade

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