Tim Izzard “Deepfake 99” EP

Tim Izzard is a solo artist from Hailsham, England who is heavily influenced by 70s glam rock. “Walk The Walk”opens this EP in a true BOWIE Diamond Dogs era way (“Over My Shoulder” is actually based on a story of one of Tim’s friends who met BOWIE) while “Press On/Off Here” brings a bit of psychedelism to the glitter party. You’ll also hear a MOTT THE HOOPLE influence in “Alice Pearl” and get to boogie with “Deepfake 99”. The EP ends as it starts with a sparkling BOWIE note in the bonus track “Will The First To Believe Turn On The Lights?” The drum machine sounds a bit rigid at times for that style but “Deepfake 99” is a very enjoyable EP. Moreover, all sales will be donated to the charities UNICEF Ukraine Crisis Appeal and Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. /Laurent C.

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