The Sangomas “Giddyup & Destroy”

High energy Canadian punk’n’rollers The SANGOMAS are back with a full album. They still hit hard and fast with songs like “Executioner Style”, “Make Me Bad” (quite a catchy one!), or “Working Class Zero.” No time to waste, you’ll get these 13 songs right into your face!
Early HELLACOPTERS or MOTÖRHEAD seem to have influenced this gang a lot, but you’ll also get a bit of RADIO BIRDMAN traces in “Anglo”, some TURBONEGRO in “Sacrificial Black”, and a good dose of glammy hard rock’n’roll in “Animal Eyes.”
Remember, the scene in this music style was quite big in the early 2000s, and if you miss it, then you definitely should grab yourself a copy of this album./Laurent C.
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