The Candy Snatchers “Moronic Pleasures”

High-energy punks The CANDY SNATCHERS are back on Hound Gawd! Records with a full album (19 rescued songs from 1998! on vinyl with digital download card included) They’ve been playing together for a long time since they formed in 1992 in Virginia and the idea to mix, master and transfer these songs to digital and bring them back to life on vinyl is quite a good one, especially if you’ve liked the band’s lates releases. Songs like “No Time To Waste” or “Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed”, “You Make It Hard”, “Killin’ My Buzz” or “Burn It To The Ground” show us that the band still dances on the hardcore edge, while “If You Can’t Have Fun, You Ain’t No Fun”, “Run You Down”, “Ass Casserole” or “Hard Up” bring 1977’s dangerous vibes back. You won’t be surprised if I tell you that they cover The STOOGES‘ “Fresh Rag” since both bands share a wild taste for chaos, just listen to “Moronic Pleasures” or “Such a Fool”. A song like “Real Thick Head” will make you feel like you’re in the rehearsal room with them, just turn up the volume! The album is dedicated to their first guitarist and co-creator Matthew Odietus who passed away in 2008 and it will make you understand why and how The CANDY SNATCHERS sound today. A proper rock’n’roll assault! /Laurent C.

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