DeeCracks “Attention! Deficit Disorder”

Monster Zero’s last release for 2020 is a remastered reissue of DeeCracks‘ “Attention! Deficit Disorder” on electric blue vinyl with a bonus track on each side and a poster inside! These Austrian punks had quite a few hit songs like “Monkey Boy”, “I Killed My TV Set”, “Radioactive Kiss”, “Dairy Queen King” or “It Has Always Been This Way” on this 2010 album. Their RAMONES influenced punk rock sometimes gets more street punk on “I Wanted It All”, “Gimme Gimme Plastic Surgery” or “Ritalin For Lunch” and slightly ’77 punk (“Waiting For You”or the catchy “I Need A Nurse”) at times. The raucous vocals sometimes bring RANCID or NYC glam punks LIBERTINE to mind. This one could be a cool punk Christmas present in case you’re looking for one, I heard there’s some Christmas sales on Monster Zero records’ website, just sayin’! /Laurent C.

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