Born Loose “Blowout!”

Brooklyn is not only the new place for hipsters, you’ll still find some real street rock’n’roll there, and when you have two former CANDY SNATCHERS members in your band, then you know you’re not going to play indie folk!
After releasing “I Loathe you” the first 7″ of the band, Hound Gawd records now offers us 12 brand new BORN LOOSE songs on vinyl! Wild as The STOOGES, crazy as the DEAD KENNEDYS, you’ll get no rest with these guys, from dirty punk rock’n’roll hits like “Ain’t Comin’ Tonight”, “Whiskey Holiday”, “Fair Warning”, and “Eyes Dispised”, to fast punk core bombs like “Driller Killer”, or “Alien Agenda”, you’ll sing along, pogo and spill your beer down to these songs. No polished production, and auto-tune here, it’s all real!
If you need your glammy fix, then listen to “PBR On The Rocks” and “Foot In Mouth”, then you can rock and roll to “Ain’t That Swell (Baby Go To Hell)”, a CHUCK BERRY on speed track, and if your favourite HELLACOPTERS era is the Dregen one, then you’ll love “Waste Me.” Definitely one of the wildest American rock’n’roll bands in 2015!/Laurent C.

Buy from Hound Gawd Records

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