Born Loose “Torn Up Heart” 7″

One of the rawest bands around is back with two new songs on a nice looking piece of orange vinyl (although there's three different versions available) and a cool old-school collage cover by Rock Rodine. If you're not familiar with BORN LOOSE, maybe you remember singer Larry May's former band CANDY SNATCHERS. Larry still has... Continue Reading →

Born Loose – Music To Drive, Fuck and Kill To

After reviewing a few of their releases, it was time to ask BORN LOOSE a few questions. Drummer Eric Robel tells us almost everything... Can you give us a bit of history, when did BORN LOOSE start? It started back in February of 2009. Larry had been living in NYC for a bit by then... Continue Reading →

Born Loose “Death From Above” 10″

NYC's wildest rock'n'roll machine BORN LOOSE are back with 5 new songs on a 10" vinyl record. Opener "Death From Above" confirms that these guys still like it fast, raw and dirty. "Payback" is full of rage, screams and crazy Chuck Berry solos, and "Reverse Cowgirl" is a punk'n'roll bomb reminding me of early TURBONEGRO.... Continue Reading →

Born Loose “Blowout!”

Brooklyn is not only the new place for hipsters, you'll still find some real street rock'n'roll there, and when you have two former CANDY SNATCHERS members in your band, then you know you're not going to play indie folk! After releasing "I Loathe you" the first 7" of the band, Hound Gawd records now offers... Continue Reading →

Born Loose “I Loathe You” 7″

NYC's BORN LOOSE features two former CANDY SNATCHERS members (Larry May and Suke), so you can guess that you won't hear any polished modern rock on this great looking white 7" (out on Hound Gawd! Records), and we won't complain about that. Two short, angry, dirty punk rock'n'roll songs in which singer Larry May screams... Continue Reading →

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