Nikki Hill “Feline Roots”

This album was originally independently released in 2018 (Fryed Records) but German record label Hound Gawd! Records had the good idea to give the record a second birth. 70s rock’n’roll and soul music are partying together in “Get Down Crawl” and in “Just Can’t Trust You” while “Don’t Be The Sucker” offers us some fine rockabilly. You’ll hear a bit of BAD BRAINS in “Can’t Love You Back (It’s a Shame)”, a good dose of blues in “Holler Out Loud” and even a bit of country in “Tell The Next World.” The BELLRAYS sometimes come to mind (“Take The Ride (It Don’t Matter)” but soul rock’n’roll can also get heavier on here in “Poisoning The Well” or in “The Fire That’s In Me” and flirts with The ROLLING STONES in “Might Get Killed Tonight.” Now let’s hope that live shows can happen again soon because NIKKI HILL must be great to see and listen to live! /Laurent C.

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