The Black Marquee Los Angeles “Sessions From The Hive Volume 1”

BMLAalbumThis band from the city of angels has ex-members of CHELSEA SMILES and DUANE PETERS in its line-up, so it would be quite difficult to expect anything bad… Opener “Seven Shades of Shame” has a bit of a 60s flavour mixed to modern rock such as QOTSA, and while “All For Love (LUV)” is a bit of a blink of an eye to the NEW YORK DOLLS, it also has some STONE TEMPLE PILOTS in the vocals and guitar riffs. Some alternative 90s rock traces can also be found in songs like “Dirt Road For Home” or “Just Sayin’.”
The 50s/60s surf rock guitar sound really fit well with the band’s music style, especially in “Madness For Some”, a song that should be the band’s radio hit, or in “Rotten Truth” (there’s almost a bit of Bowie in this one.) The BLACK MARQUEE LOS ANGELES also has no difficulty to write 70s influenced danceable tunes such as “Wolves To Wallflowers.” These guys are definitely big rock fans taking the best of every era, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the band sharing stages with The JIM JONES REVUE or BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB later this year… If you like Rock with a big R, then big chances are you will love BMLA!/Laurent C.
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