Bullet Proof Lovers “Shot Through The Heart”

BULLET PROOF LOVERS (fronted by Kurt Baker) are back with 12 new punk rock’n’roll/powerpop songs, sometimes close to BOSS MARTIANS (“I Am My Radio”, “Knock Down The Door”), and other times more influenced by early American punk rock’n’roll bands (“Ain’t No Joke”, “Radioactive Love”, “On Overdrive.”) You can also hear some glammy influences in songs like “Not Your Toy” and “Take It Or Leave It”, that remind me of PRIMA DONNA, and you’ll get some well crafted melodies in songs like “Heart Of Stone”, or “One Last Night.”
Whether you like pop punk or glam rock’n’roll, you won’t be able to resist “Can’t Let Go’, or “All I Want!”, you’ll just get addicted!
BULLET PROOF LOVERS‘ previous release was good, but this one is even better! Rum Bar Records are bringing us some high quality rock’n’roll on CD again! (The vinyl version will be out on Ghost Highway Records) /Laurent C.

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