Kurt Baker “After Party”

When I started writing reviews a couple of years ago I decided I was going to write about stuff that I love, I just like the idea of promoting music I fall in love with. Some years ago when I was still living in Argentina I discovered Kurt Baker’s music by following some Power Pop blogs, been a fan since then.
When I moved to Spain I thought I was going to catch him live and I did, twice. So when I went to his last show I bought “After Party” and to be honest I can’t stop listening to it. I know for sure this is going to be personal favourite, mainly because you don’t get to buy albums that are 100 % perfect in the year 2021.
This dude carries the flag of amazing old school Power Pop, it’s The Records, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Dwight Twilley and The Flamin’ Groovies all rolled up into one. Of course there’s the beatlesque twist, go and listen to “Waiting For You”, if he wanted to create that atmosphere, then he nailed it with a 1960’s vibe.
I wouldn’t know where to start describing this album because it is literally composed of 12 hits, period. It’s a nonstop dream of Pop bliss and I can’t decide which song is the one that I like the most because it starts with an explosive gem like “New Direction” and the Punk attitude of “I Like Her a Lot”, somewhere in the middle you get some brilliant mid tempo underground inspired song like “Good”, almost mysterious, btw, the album is filled with some kind of monologues that are brilliant.
While driving my car a few days ago I told my wife that “Over You” was my personal favourite here,(that was before listening to the whole album like 50 times) because it has this 1980s hook that is epic”.
Something that is occurring to me since I don’t have that much time to pay attention to albums is that I just listen to them without getting to know the names of the songs, so it makes sense that every time “A Song and Drink” was played in my car I immediately wanted to drink red wine, this could have been a “Burt Bacharach” song, easily.
Kurt sings some kind of apology letter to somebody in “Should Have Been The One” and he says that he “can’t change his ways”, maybe he shouldn’t.
This album is a complete masterpiece for the 21st century, a horrible era for real Rock and Roll, glad to know that some people are still that good and I can still become a fan. /Juan Pablo Mazzola.

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Bullet Proof Lovers “Shot Through The Heart”

BULLET PROOF LOVERS (fronted by Kurt Baker) are back with 12 new punk rock’n’roll/powerpop songs, sometimes close to BOSS MARTIANS (“I Am My Radio”, “Knock Down The Door”), and other times more influenced by early American punk rock’n’roll bands (“Ain’t No Joke”, “Radioactive Love”, “On Overdrive.”) You can also hear some glammy influences in songs like “Not Your Toy” and “Take It Or Leave It”, that remind me of PRIMA DONNA, and you’ll get some well crafted melodies in songs like “Heart Of Stone”, or “One Last Night.”
Whether you like pop punk or glam rock’n’roll, you won’t be able to resist “Can’t Let Go’, or “All I Want!”, you’ll just get addicted!
BULLET PROOF LOVERS‘ previous release was good, but this one is even better! Rum Bar Records are bringing us some high quality rock’n’roll on CD again! (The vinyl version will be out on Ghost Highway Records) /Laurent C.

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Kurt Baker “Brand New Beat”

KBakerFirst time I ever hear about to Kurt Baker (former LEFTOVERS member), and the name that immediately comes to mind when listening to this album is Butch Walker! Kurt’s voice is close to Butch’s, and songs like “Don’t Go Falling In Love”, “Qualified” or “She Can Do It All” could have been on a Butch Walker album… Well, that’s not a bad thing at all to me. These two guys probably share a lot of common influences (CHEAP TRICK, RAMONES, BEATLES, etc.), and it can only show in the song-writing. Fine melodies, catchy choruses and sunny moods, you won’t get bored while listening to “Brand New Beat.”
Kurt’s punk pop roots show on songs like “Partied Out” and “Weekend Girls” (as catchy as a BOSS MARTIANS song!), but you’ll also find a strong 60s feel in “I Don’t Wanna Cry”for instance. You’ll even get two bonus songs, the killer “Want You Around” and the poppy “Emma Stone.”
11 songs on French record label Dirty Witch Records that will make modern power pop fans happy!/Laurent C.