The Zombie Dandies “Dandy’s Little Monsters”

French horror glam punk ZOMBIE DANDIES are back with a free downloadable album, and set the listener into their world right from the start with their cartoonish burlesque “Little Monsters Intro”, and the fun and pretty chaotic “Halloween Again.”
Songs like “Killer Rabbit”, “Regenerate My Dead Pet”, “Brundlefly”, or “Dangerous Weirdo” reminds me of the early 90s glam punk scene, and the band’s lyrics will sure appeal to FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 fans.
The band hasn’t gave up on their love of lo-fi and garage, especially in songs like “Game Boy Horror”, or raw punk anthem “Now A Nuclear Animal Rules” while their heavier side shows in “Boogeyman.”
Don’t be afraid of The ZOMBIE DANDIES, it’s Halloween every day, anyway! /Laurent C.

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