Broadway Lafayette “Subway Zydeco”

The band first started as a side project for Switzerland’s MAMA ROSIN, and Mick Collins (The DIRTBOMBS) joined them to record this album in New York. BROADWAY LAFAYETTE plays garage blues with strong cajun influences. I may not be the biggest accordion fan, but here, it fits the band’s music and spirit very well. At times, WILLY DEVILLE comes to mind (“One Thing at a Time”), and songs like “Precious” or “Zydeco Music” will take you right into the colourful atmosphere of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras while blues flirts with psych in “Girl De Hong Kong.”
BROADWAY LAFAYETTE also knows how to write catchy songs, just listen to “Bayou Lover” or cajun punk song “Ou Es-Tu?”, which will probably stay stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Surprisingly, “Limpiar!” is bringing a Spanish touch, and this rather joyful album ends on a quite sad blues note with “Ballade.”
Fans of GOGOL BORDELLO will probably love “Subway Zydeco”. The vinyl version is released by German record label Hound Gawd! Records, so you can expect quality. Be curious and give this album a chance! /Laurent C.

Buy the album from Hound Gawd! Records

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