Twin Guns “Imaginary World”

New York City's best dark garage band TWIN GUNS are back with a fourth album. They still use a lot of reverb and still mix pych and surf rock influences to 60s and 70s rock'n'roll. Opening song "Imaginary World" puts you straight into this film noir atmoshere they like so much, while "100 Teenage Years"... Continue Reading →

Broadway Lafayette “Subway Zydeco”

The band first started as a side project for Switzerland's MAMA ROSIN, and Mick Collins (The DIRTBOMBS) joined them to record this album in New York. BROADWAY LAFAYETTE plays garage blues with strong cajun influences. I may not be the biggest accordion fan, but here, it fits the band's music and spirit very well. At... Continue Reading →

WolfWolf “The Cryptid Zoo”

WOLFWOLF ia a garage blues duo that sounds a bit like a Bavarian party from hell! You can hear some trashy guitars in their music and the atmosphere in these songs seems to be an illustration of these guy's own universe in which you can find joyful things like blind butchers, grave diggers and hunters... Continue Reading →

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