Twin Guns “Imaginary World”

New York City’s best dark garage band TWIN GUNS are back with a fourth album. They still use a lot of reverb and still mix pych and surf rock influences to 60s and 70s rock’n’roll. Opening song “Imaginary World” puts you straight into this film noir atmoshere they like so much, while “100 Teenage Years” has a Western movie/Ennio Morricone feel to it. The band’s darker side shows in “Cannibal Soul”, with its repetitive beat and haunted vocals, as well as in the gloomy bluesy “House On The Hill.”
You’ll also hear some STOOGES influences in “The Dark is Rising” or in “Blueberry Sugar”, and songs like “A Portrait in Black” or “Sad Sunday” bring the Californian 60s to mind. The CRAMPS‘ spirit also wander all around these songs, especially in “Sociopath”, while “The Endless Dream” reminds me of bands like BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB or The BLACK ANGELS. You’ll find 3 bonus tracks on the CD version, “My Baby”, a wild rock’n’roll song à la WAYNE COUNTY AND THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS, “Sick Theater’ (a song with a horrorish merry-go-round atmosphere) and “Late Night” (a dark psych track.)
I still wonder why TWIN GUNS aren’t bigger yet, and you’ll probably think the same after listening to “Imaginary World.” /Laurent C.

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Broadway Lafayette “Subway Zydeco”

The band first started as a side project for Switzerland’s MAMA ROSIN, and Mick Collins (The DIRTBOMBS) joined them to record this album in New York. BROADWAY LAFAYETTE plays garage blues with strong cajun influences. I may not be the biggest accordion fan, but here, it fits the band’s music and spirit very well. At times, WILLY DEVILLE comes to mind (“One Thing at a Time”), and songs like “Precious” or “Zydeco Music” will take you right into the colourful atmosphere of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras while blues flirts with psych in “Girl De Hong Kong.”
BROADWAY LAFAYETTE also knows how to write catchy songs, just listen to “Bayou Lover” or cajun punk song “Ou Es-Tu?”, which will probably stay stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Surprisingly, “Limpiar!” is bringing a Spanish touch, and this rather joyful album ends on a quite sad blues note with “Ballade.”
Fans of GOGOL BORDELLO will probably love “Subway Zydeco”. The vinyl version is released by German record label Hound Gawd! Records, so you can expect quality. Be curious and give this album a chance! /Laurent C.

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WolfWolf “The Cryptid Zoo”

WOLFWOLF ia a garage blues duo that sounds a bit like a Bavarian party from hell! You can hear some trashy guitars in their music and the atmosphere in these songs seems to be an illustration of these guy’s own universe in which you can find joyful things like blind butchers, grave diggers and hunters from hell. Songs like “Creeps of The World”, “Creepy Things”, or “Grave Digger” flirt with horror rock, while “Linzer Walzer” and “Poor Cow” almost have a TOM WAITS feel. If you like surf rock, you will enjoy “Roswell 47” for sure, and if you’re into crazy stuff like MR. BUNGLE, just check “Tuzemak”! WOLFWOLF also has an obvious psychobilly side, showing mostly in “Leave This Town.”
I can’t promise I will listen to this record every week, but this is definitely worth checking out if you need to add a bit of craziness in your world. /Laurent C.
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Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind “Super Natural”

It was quite a shock when The JIM JONES REVUE announced their split in 2014. The band was doing really well everywhere, and especially here in France! As you know, cool cats always get back to their feet, so Jim Jones quickly got a new band together with the help of his long time musical partner Gavin Jay (bass.) After two promising EPs (“Boil Yer Blood” and “Aldecide”), JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND offers us this debut album on Hound Gawd Records who show their great tastes again with this new release.
The artwork for this record was made by French illustrator Jean-Luc Navette, and it really is a work of art (even the download card looks amazing!) On this album, Jim Jones explores new territories and still keeps the wild flame of rock’n’roll alive. “Base Is Loaded” and “Till It’s All Gone” have a bit of TOM WAITS in them, with a sleazy garage, bluesy vibe, “No Fool” sounds as an intense live ritual with SCREAMIN’ JAY AWKINS as a master of ceremony, and “Heavy Lounge #1″resurrects the best of early 70s psyche heavy rock. There’s almost a voodoo atmosphere in these songs when rhythm repetition meets psychedelic guitars, something that could also sometimes be heard in Jim’s old band The HYPNOTICS. The shadow of The STOOGES is also haunting this record (“Something’s Gonna Get Its Hands On You”), and IRON BUTTERFLY‘s ghost probably paid a visit to these guys when they were recording “Boil Yer Blood.” This is the kind of album in which you can find something new every time you listen to it, and when the atmosphere is getting quieter on “Shallow Grave” and “Everyone But Me”, it takes your mind far away to strange and beautiful lands with Lynch-esque colours.
When so many bands flirt with cheap occult clichés these days, JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND managed to create something spiritual, intriguing, dark and sexy at the same time, definitely “Super Natural”! /Laurent C.

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