Smash Fashion “Big Cat Love”

SmashFashionAlbumTwo years ago, I really enjoyed “Blame It On Brandy”, the debut 7″ of L.A. dandy rockers SMASH FASHION (the band of ex-SMACK Repo and ex-ROCK CITY ANGELS Lloyd Stuart Casson ; ex-QUIREBOYS Nigel Mogg was also in the band for a while), so I was quite curious to hear this full album. Opener “Wicked Ways” reminds me of late HELLACOPTERS stuff (“Aim For The Heart” and “Stairs To Nowhere” also sound close to the Swedish rock’n’rollers’ music), 70’s rock’n’roll with early KISS riffs and great melodies! Power pop and glitter rock fans will love “Marionette”, “Big Cat Love”, “Blame It On The Brandy”, “Stay Off My La La”, and “Super Glam”( of course!), while “Strike My Fancy (Knickers Down)” will probably be QUIREBOYS‘ fans’ new favourite tune!
The band also manages to have a ballad (“You Love To Suffer”) that doesn’t sound cheesy (think of BOWIE and SUEDE with an American rock touch) and gets in the STONES territory on “Just A Kiss At The Starting Line.”
The City of Angels has found its new glam rock kings that will also make the mods dance,  and we can only hope to see them in Europe!/Laurent C.
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