Cadaver Club “It’s Always The Quiet Ones”

Irish horror punks CADAVER CLUB are always ready for Halloween, and this time, they bring us 13 new songs. “Afraid Of Me”, “Penny Dreadful” and “Transylvania Twist” open this second album in a glam punk way, reminding a bit of the TRASH BRATS. Songs like “Southern Cemetary”, “Twilight of The Gods”, or “The Quiet Ones” (probably my favourite song on the album!) will have no problem to make ghoul crowds sing along and pogo, and if you need a pause, you’ll find a blues song (“Follow Me To Hell”), before jumping right into punk madness again with “The Coppercombe Witch.”
The man behind the drums(Draggle) is actually rock’n’roll/folk troubadour MATTY JAMES, showing us more of his musical talents on here, and when listening to”Murder of Crows”, you can only think that this song could also be played during his shows.
“It’s Always The Quiet Ones” shows us that horror punk is not only about the image, if you need the songs, and CADAVER CLUB have them.
Beware of the quiet ones, punk’s not dead, and funeral punk is alive!/Laurent C.
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