Black Heart Breakers “S/T”

BHBreakersThese young Australian guys may look like they are in a 80s influenced sleaze rock band from Sweden, but their music has more to do with the BOYS, BITERS or the EXPLODING HEARTS… Teenage vocals, 70s rock’n’roll guitar riffs, poppy backing vocals (in a BEACH BOYS way), and the occasional THIN LIZZY influenced guitar solo, you’ll find all the ingredients you need to get a cool contemporary glammy power pop band.
You’ll get a bit of T.REX in “Don’t Worry About Me”, some RAMONES in “I Wanna Be Wanted”, and a bit of UNDERTONES in “Pretender”, no need to say that these kids have good music tastes!
Bringing youth back in rock’n’roll, a song like “Seventeen” will make you think that BLACK HEART BREAKERS should already be sharing stages with The STRYPES. This self-produced album is now just waiting for you to listen to it!/Laurent C.

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