Nasty Rumours “Girls In Love/Barbwire Heart” EP

NastyRumoursEP’77 punk rock from Switzerland on Germany’s best punk record label Wanda records! You’ll only get two songs on this great looking 7″ vinyl (the band’s logo is actually on the plastic sleeve rather than on the cover itself), but they’re definitely worth it if you’re into bands like The BOYS or The CUTE LEPERS. “Girls In Love” has an early NY punk sound mixed to snotty British punk typed vocals, and powerpop injected “Barbwire Heart” has a chorus that won’t leave your mind for hours and hours…
Apparently, the band has another 7″ released by No Front Teeth Records, but no full album yet. This 7″ comes out with a download card for the mp3 versions, so you know what you have to do…/Laurent C.

Order from Wanda Records

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