Squarecrow “Rammi Jamms”

8 new songs from San Diego’s melodic punk rock band SQUARECROW. Sunny, and full of energy, you’ll easily get hooked on songs like “Sarasota” or “First Flight” and its cool guitar gimmick. “Right On” brings early BAD RELIGION to mind, and songs like “20/20”, “Recipient” (cool metal guitar solo in this one!), and “Afterwards” (you can almost hear some FUGAZI in this one) show us that SQUARECROW are definitely not your typical pop punk band.
SQUARECROW seems to play quite a lot in the US, and you can hear that in these songs that sound tight, but keep a live edge at the same time. You’ll enjoy this record esopecially if you’re into melodic punk, though you already have an excuse for not getting it if you suffer from podophobia. Laurent C.

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