Role Models – Outsider Celebration!

We asked Rags a few questions about the band's new album "Forest Lawn", the guests that appear on it, life in London and Toronto, as well as a few other things that should help you to know a bit more about one of the best melodic rock'n'roll bands around these days... You released this new... Continue Reading →

Squarecrow “Rammi Jamms”

8 new songs from San Diego's melodic punk rock band SQUARECROW. Sunny, and full of energy, you'll easily get hooked on songs like "Sarasota" or "First Flight" and its cool guitar gimmick. "Right On" brings early BAD RELIGION to mind, and songs like "20/20", "Recipient" (cool metal guitar solo in this one!), and "Afterwards" (you... Continue Reading →

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