Jonny Cola & The A-Grades “Straight To Video/Marlborough Road” (Promo DVD)


This is a promo DVD for the double A-side “Straight To Video/Marlborough Road” vinyl that will be released on April 3rd via Scratchy Records (the songs will also be available in digital format.) Singer Jonny is back in shape after a kidney transplant, and that’s a good thing to see as JONNY COLA & The A-GRADES is one of the most interesting bands in England nowadays!
The glam pop quintet offers us two videos, one for each song. No big surprise if I tell you that the video starts with some tea, right? “Straight To Video” displays the SUEDE/PULP influences of JONNY COLA & The A-GRADES in the best ways possible: glamourous vocals, poppy choruses and intense guitar melodies. The band is evolving in their own universe here as the video moves from a theatrical burlesque bar atmosphere to glitzy stage rock’n’roll action that looks like it was directly taken from Velvet Goldmine!
“Marlborough Road”, a more punky song gets us to the rainy London streets at night through a cab ride before the band ends up in a small underground club, playing in front of a glammed-up audience. The video will be released on YouTube on March 20th, so keep it in mind and be patient!/Laurent C.

The band will also play live on March 22nd at Some Weird Sin club night @ London Buffalo Bar with Fallen Leaves & DJ Heidi Heelz

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