Faz Waltz “Back On Mondo”

Starting with a STOOGES kind of beat, this new album from Italian band FAZ WALTZ takes them to new musical territories that bring garage rock ("Little Home") and bands like The HIVES ("Fingers In My Brain", "Baby Left Me"), or JET ("Get The Poison") to mind. The band also still have one foot in 70s... Continue Reading →

Jonny Cola & The A-Grades “Straight To Video/Marlborough Road” (Promo DVD)

This is a promo DVD for the double A-side "Straight To Video/Marlborough Road" vinyl that will be released on April 3rd via Scratchy Records (the songs will also be available in digital format.) Singer Jonny is back in shape after a kidney transplant, and that's a good thing to see as JONNY COLA & The... Continue Reading →

TSAR “The Drugboy tapes”

Point in fact, Tsar was the best band to come out of Los Angeles in the 2000’s! They are one of the greatest power pop bands to come from the Los Angeles area, ever!!! Period! They usually put out an album every five years, their debut in 2000 and Band-Girls-Money in 2005 and now this... Continue Reading →

Faz Waltz “Life On The Moon”

FAZ WALTZ is the living proof that Italy is not only the promised land for the 80s glam metal revival. Opening with "Love Limousine", a song that reminds me of Swedish blonde glam pop kings SUPERGROUPIES (RIP), FAZ WALTZ show their strong love for everything 70s glam/glitter rock in these 12 songs. Here, the spirit... Continue Reading →

Candy “Whatever Happened To Fun”

Full disclosure up front, this review is going to be a full on arse kissing! I was overjoyed to hear that this pop rock classic was going to be released on CD properly by Rock Candy Records, in it’s full bubblegum glory. For the record, Kyle Vincent is my favorite singer of all time, besides... Continue Reading →

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