Starbolt 9 “Human Strings & Mechanical Things”

The most British sounding band from New York is back with a brand new album (we reviewed their debut “The Rebirth” even before it was officially released and were quite impressed!) Opening song “Thunder Love” sounds a bit like a punker SUEDE (still a big influence on this album) but we get surprised as soon as the second one, “Bottomless” starts, its melancholic tone reminding more of MORRISSEY(“Icarus” also sounds very MORRISSEY.)
While STARBOLT 9 sometimes get close to bands like ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (“Rattles”, “Apocalypse”…), they also display a few 70s rock influences in their sound (“Phoenix Rise”, “I’m With The Painted People”), and they still manage to mix glam rock to 80s new wave very well (“Say Yes”, “The Curse.”)
This second album confirms that STARBOLT 9 is a name that should appear higher on the international pop/melodic rock bill! Let’s just hope that their music doesn’t lean too much in the U2 direction in the future as the border can sometimes be thin./Laurent C.

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