Godfathers “A Big Bad Beautiful Noise”

(-maximum bottle review by General Labor) …Aw, man, it’s apparently, all been forgotten and photo-shopped, whitewashed and revised, now, to fit-in to various updated narratives of convenience, but in the actual push and struggle eighties of my wild, wild youth, our gang was an unlikely alliance of thrash metal dudes in army camo and Slayer shirts from abusive homes; a sweat-shorts wearing, redheaded, Red Hot … Continue reading Godfathers “A Big Bad Beautiful Noise”

Sindrome “Alarmiste”

12 new songs from French darkwave solo artist SINDROME. “Pavillon Noir” sets the mood of this new album right from the start, 80s synth in different shades of black, from robotic dancefloor tunes (“Detox”, “Discocaïne”) to apocalyptic industrial ones (“Errance”, “Sens Le Pire”, “1R2DSFAC.”) SINDROME displays his love for the holy 80s without sounding purely retro-nostalgic, and still manages to surprise us with his visual … Continue reading Sindrome “Alarmiste”

Club Wow “Nowhere Fast”

(-review by Anguish Young) “Somewhere down the line, it will all be found…” (-Lazy Cowgirls) “Let’s get the band back together…” (-Andy Shernoff) “Those twangy voices stole my choices all away from me…” (-Paul K.) “If you’ve been trying for years, you already know this song…” (-The Clash) BLACK CELEBRATION…. Like 32 or 34 years ago, I met this girl over the phone through a … Continue reading Club Wow “Nowhere Fast”

The Bloodtypes “Pull The Plug”

Second album, by Portland’s finest ’77 punk/new wave rock band! The BLOODTYPES have been spreading their toxic sci-fi synth punk disease all over the US and Europe these last years, and their songwriting only improved on this new album. The band’s energy reminds me of X and early SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES on songs like “Panic”, or “Bored”, “Rejected”, or “Virtual Reality” while their sense … Continue reading The Bloodtypes “Pull The Plug”

The Röxy Suicide – “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”

We wanted to know more about Dave Mansfield’s new band The RÖXY SUICIDE, a flamboyant band mixing glam, new wave and early punk! Dave, we know you from The MANSFIELDS. How and when did The RÖXY SUICIDE start? The RÖXY SUICIDE started in 2013 in the form that it is now. We went through a few false starts (2012) in trying to find the right … Continue reading The Röxy Suicide – “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”