Nerve Button “S/T”

There’s no reason why the new power pop wave wouldn’t hit Canada, and Wanda Records is bringing us a vinyl proof of that with NERVE BUTTON. Handclaps, and THUNDERS influenced guitars from the start, it can’t be bad, right? While the band has its roots in punk rock’n’roll, Batman (Yes!)’s vocals also remind me of Ian McKaye in “Operation Idiot”, “Bit The Bullet”, or in “Out On The Rigs.”
“IPhoney” and it’s 60s garage guitars will seduce you, while the bubblegum punk in you will cherish “Gunningsville Saints”, and sing along to “Hey Little Girl.”
NERVE BUTTON will hit straight to your exploding heart, the longest song on this album is 3:02! ’77 punk (“Harlots Of St. George Street”, “Get Another Load Of Me”), and even some traces of ROLLING STONES guitars (“Nerve Button”), these guys know the recipe to make you dance and stomp your feet.
If you want to see the world in white and pink, then don’t look no further!/Laurent C.

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Nerve Button on Bandcamp


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