The Jones “First Shot”

Including former BAD LOSERS/DOGS members, The JONES, from Paris, France were one of best new rock’n’roll bands I heard last year. You missed their 4 song debut EP? Well you can now hear these songs on this brand new album (available on both CD and vinyl) from legendary record label Closer records.
The DOGS influence can be heard from the beginning with the catchy “Carry On”, and you’ll quickly notice that these guys are still on a heavy ROLLING STONES diet (“Wait”, “Bee Sting & Bankruptcy.”) They also definitely know how to deliver some first class blues rock (“There’s a Crisis”, “Blue Jean Talk”, “Woman”), and dig into the roots of rock’n’roll in order to write songs that sound as if they were written to be played live first.
If you like 60s/70s ballads full of beautiful arrangements, then close your eyes and just listen to “Looking For”, and if you think that LOU REED could have never mixed with pub rock and MINK DEVILLE, then listen to “I Want Your Lips.”
The CD version includes 6 different covers in a Warholesque way, same lip design in different colours.
In rock’n’roll as well, simplicity is often the key to elegance. Ask The JONES!/Laurent C.

Buy from Closer Records

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