The Unripes “This Is Not America”

TheUnripesThe UNRIPES started as a “one night only” band back in 2005 in Modena, Italy with a desire to mix 80s glam metal to modern rock . The 80s influenced can be found in Axia’s vocals (dude can hit high Axl-like notes!!) and in some melodies like the chorus in “Reload” that strongly reminds of KISS’ “Heaven’s On Fire”, or in “My Muse Is Called Rock’n’Roll” (catchy chorus!) and “Until The Day I Die” for instance. The power ballad “The Star Beyond This Wall” also clearly knocks on the 80s door!
The modern side of the band is mainly present in the guitar sound and in the synth arrangements. Now, it’s hard to define what modern rock is, but I guess it is heavy rock flirting with a few machines and a nu-metal sound… Because yes, this is metal (you won’t be able to escape the occasional double bass drum and headache guitar solos!), but it’s well done, sometimes reminding a band like PRIVATE LINE. Good points with the Geri Halliwell cover “Scream If You Wanna Go Faster” too!/Laurent C.

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