The X-Ray Eyes “Destiny Is Depressed”

I’m a bit late on this one since the album was released in August 2019, but it would have been a pity not to talk about it. The X-RAY EYES come from Leeds, UK and seem to have a special thing for ’77 punk rock. The energy of the first songs (“Track One” and “Hallelujah”) brings The BRIEFS to mind while “E.V.I.L” and “Blind Sniper” remind me of the mid-00s action rock scene (HELLACOPTERS…) and “I Think I’m Ready Now”could be every HIVES fan’s new favourite! You’ll also hear some slight 60s garage influences in “Trouble”, 70s rock touches in “I’m Not Buying It!” whereas “You’re Not Human” is a catchy glammy punk tune and “Afraid Of You” is new wave powerpop that will make you want to sing and dance to it. Put your 3-D glasses on and keep an eye on The X-RAY EYES! /Laurent C.

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