The Popravinas “Willy Nilly”

California pop rockers The POPRAVINAS have been playing for quite some time now since they started in the mid-2000s and released their first album (“Everybody’s Fault But Ours”) in 2008. Their music is a fine mix of powerpop and alt-country with a a bit of ROLLING STONES thrown in (“Talkin’ Out Loud”, “Did Ya”) and BEATLES influenced vocal harmonies (“Tim’s Basement”, “Had Way (To Make an Easy Living”.) The alt-country side of the band shows more in “Almost Sick” and in “Put It All To Bed” in which you’ll hear some melodies that also bring SOUL ASYLUM to mind, and a song like “Dun’ Me In” is catchy enough for you to remember and sing it for the rest of the day after you’ve listened to it. Check it out! /Laurent C.

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