VCPS- Album coverAfter two albums under the name VIETCONG PORNSÜRFERS and quite a few European tours, the hard working Swedish band has decided to shorten their name to VCPS. This name change is also linked to a slight change of music direction, less high-energy punk rock’n’roll, more hard rock. While oprening song “Ain’t Nothing For You” is not that different from the band’s latest recordings, songs like “Yes, I can” or “Wild One” remind me more of late HELLACOPTERS or early KISS. DANKO JONES also comes to mind when listening to “All Bad Things.” The tempo change is even more obvious on the groovy JOE COCKER-esque “Hold Me”. The last song, “Take It Outside”, is a pretty catchy hard rock’n’roll tune with bits of early AC/DC and THIN LIZZY touches thrown in it. Only 6 songs, but no bad number. Thumbs up for this new start!/Laurent C.
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