Bella Wreck “S/T”

BellaWreckBerlin’s brand new rock’n’roll sensation BELLA WRECK offers us this fine debut album, mixing classic punk to the best of Australian rock (singer Dave is actually Australian.) Have you ever thought about how the DEAD BOYS would have sounded if they had lived in Australia? Well, just listen to “Untold Story” or “Vienna” and you’ll get something close to it!
Cool hooks and 70s guitars in songs like “Whether You Like It”, “Fun”,”Trash” or “Fight” will just make you want to have a drink and dance, which is quite a good thing for rock’n’roll album, right?
You’ll also get a bit of a Swedish aftertaste in “31, 000 years” and “Fear Me”, both reminding me a bit of late HELLACOPTERS ; Actually, The NOMADS also come to mind at times when listening to the album… If you’re more into 60s power pop, then the band didn’t forget about you, just listen to “Downtown” and “Run”… I must add that the production on this record fits really well with BELLA WRECK‘s music, it’s raw but clear, no overproduced shit!
Whether you’re into RADIO BIRDMAN, The REAL KIDS, The RAMONES, The DICTATORS or The NEW YORK DOLLS, chances are you will love this album!/Laurent C.

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