The Sangomas “Debut EP”

SangomasEPThe biography says that the band was born after a French Mexican guy and a South African guy met on a tour, and then decided to form the band in Montreal, Canada… Quite an interesting mix!
The guys quickly recorded 4 songs that are now featured on this debut EP. It sounds raw, fast, angry and snotty in a DEAD BOYS/BRIEFS way, with enough hooks to make you dance (“Chopping Heads”, “Bored”…) The SANGOMAS would have fit right into the Marseille scene (NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS, HATEPINKS…) in the early 00s, and will please every early HELLACOPTERS fan (when Dregen was in the band)… These 4 songs (downloadable for free on the band’s Bandcamp) are enough to make us want to listen to their future album!/Laurent C.
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