The Connection “Wish You Success”

“Wish You Success” is the third full length album of The CONNECTION. The band mixes its American punk rock roots (“You Know”, “In The End”, “Mechanical Heart”) with excellent pop songwriting (“Checking”, “Color Me Unimpressed”, “What a Shame”), and their power pop rock’n’roll sometimes flirts with country music in “Wish You Success” or in “Thinking Out Loud.” The CONNECTION might be influenced by bands from the past, but they manage to mix this vintage flavour with a more modern sound even when they dig into 60s garage (“The Girl Is Trouble.”) You’ll also hear some ROLLING STONES influences in “Heaven Or Hell.” Whether you like the RAMONES, TOM PETTY or CHEAP TRICK, you’ll find something for you in this album, and if you like the three of them, then this album will find a good place in your top list!
Songwriters Brad Marino and Geoff Palmer have also put out good solo releases you should check out. /Laurent C.

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