The Connection “Wish You Success”

"Wish You Success" is the third full length album of The CONNECTION. The band mixes its American punk rock roots ("You Know", "In The End", "Mechanical Heart") with excellent pop songwriting ("Checking", "Color Me Unimpressed", "What a Shame"), and their power pop rock'n'roll sometimes flirts with country music in "Wish You Success" or in "Thinking... Continue Reading →

The Connection “Just For Fun”

Sometimes, bands forget about the fun in what they do and take themselves way too seriously. The CONNECTION decided to go back to their roots and offer us 10 covers just for fun! From Bob Seger ("Get Out Of Denver") to Sylvain Sylvain ("Teenage News"), The ROLLING STONES ("No Expectations"), CHEAP TRICK ("Southern Girls"), GEORGE... Continue Reading →

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