Alley Sin “Wildheart” EP

AlleySin-new-cover-singleThis new EP from Bulgarian gutter rock’n’rollers ALLEY SIN offers us 3 new songs: “Wildheart” which sounds a bit as if NASHVILLE PUSSY had more 70s influences in their hard and heavy rock’n’roll, the killer “Dead Girl” (just imagine the NY DOLLS on speed!), and the punked-up “Shut Up Bitch!” that was recorded in 2010.
After a few releases, ALLEY SIN still manages to take the best of hard rock’n’roll and glam punk, mix it, give it to you, and leave you wanting more. But guess what!? There will be a new album including “Wildheart” and “Dead Girl” released in 2013!/Laurent C.

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