Daily Noise Club “Rock’n’Roll Fixx”

This Hard rock from Bulgaria already released 3 albums, and while I never heard about them before, you can tell that they've been playing together for a while from the first minute you hear them. Mixing RHINO BUCKET/D.A.D. hard rock'n'roll to 70s rock influences, DAILY NOISE CLUB delivers 13 songs full of live energy ("Rock'n'Roll... Continue Reading →

Alley Sin “Wildheart” EP

This new EP from Bulgarian gutter rock'n'rollers ALLEY SIN offers us 3 new songs: "Wildheart" which sounds a bit as if NASHVILLE PUSSY had more 70s influences in their hard and heavy rock'n'roll, the killer "Dead Girl" (just imagine the NY DOLLS on speed!), and the punked-up "Shut Up Bitch!" that was recorded in 2010.... Continue Reading →

Alley Sin

Good bands don't always come from where you'd think they would. ALLEY SIN is the living proof of that. Vicious Bastard (guitar) and Nikki Riot (vocals/guitar) tell us about the band and their country, Bulgaria... So, when did you start the band? Was it easy to find a line-up? Vicious Bastard: I met Nikki through... Continue Reading →

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