Nikki Hill “Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists”

This is the second album of Southern Soul rock’n’roller NIKKI HILL. “Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists” starts with a groovy, almost funky note before “Oh My” explodes into some pure rock’n’roll and “Struttin” take us to New Orleans with a ROLLING STONES touch. In this new album Nikki tells us about a bad relationship and you can feel the blues in “And I Wonder” as well as in the beautiful 60s stained ballad “Nothin’ With You”. The band’s sharp playing pefectly fits with Nikki’s vocals and a song like “(Let Me Tell You ‘Bout) LUV”) also brings early BLACK CROWES to mind while “I’m Gonna Love You” seduces us with a subtle a rockabilly touch. You’ll even find a bit of glam rock with the T.REX influenced “Hot Shot” and a celebration of LITTLE RICHARD with “Scratch Back” as well as a cover of SAM COOKE‘s classic “Twistin’ The Night Away.” The album is out on classy grey smoke vinyl released by Hound Gawd! Records. You need rock’n’roll, you need soul, then look no further and get “Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists”! /Laurent C.

Buy from Hound Gawd! Records

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