The Disconnects “Wake Up Dead”

Wake Up DeadThe DISCONNECTS have been touring all over the US, released two EPs, and now bring us this excellent 13 song album. Opening in a D GENERATION style with “Demoliton Heart”, The DISCONNECTS also remind me of JEFF DAHL or The JONESES on “Wake Up Dead” or “She’s a Fink.” Dirty rock’n’roll with snotty vocals, larsens and attitude, but the band also knows how to add some melody (“Lonely Boy”, “For Mindy”) in a NEW YORK DOLLS/JOHNNY THUNDERS way, or sometimes close to The STAR SPANGLES (“I Don’t Mind”, “Kills Me Sick.”)
They also have the raw energy of the DEAD BOYS and the RAMONES way of riffing (“Makes Me Wanna Kill”, “No Life Like The Low Life”), and it seems like they won’t change their style to math rock tomorrow, since their favourite equation is “E=MC5”! The last song (“Sick Sick Sick”) sounds like a DAMNED tribute, and we won’t complain about that… These guys can’t go wrong, and you should check it out by yourself./Laurent C. for UK and Europe sales For North America For Canada

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