Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs “Entering Anytown U.S.A.” EP

JOE NORMAL AND THE ANYTOWN'rs are located in Los Angeles, but Joe is originally from New Jersey and you can fee lt in the songwriting. Melody and energy meets in a way that brings The REPLACEMENTS to mind in "Anytown" while "Nuthin' (I Got Nothing)" has classic British rock'n'roll (STONES, FACES...) influences, and "Into The... Continue Reading →

The Disconnects “Wake Up Dead”

The DISCONNECTS have been touring all over the US, released two EPs, and now bring us this excellent 13 song album. Opening in a D GENERATION style with "Demoliton Heart", The DISCONNECTS also remind me of JEFF DAHL or The JONESES on "Wake Up Dead" or "She's a Fink." Dirty rock'n'roll with snotty vocals, larsens... Continue Reading →

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