Plastic Tears “Angels With Attitude”

Trends come and go, and some bands just keep on doin’ their own thing. PLASTIC TEARS are one of them, playing their sleazy street rock’n’roll against all odds. Keep in mind that these guys formed in 1992 in Helsinki, Finland, and that even line-up problems haven’t managed to make them disappear. I remember first listening to their 2000 album “Stranded in Rock’n’Roll”, and being impressed by their glam rock’n’roll. Here on this new record, “Dark Passenger” hits hard from the start with a powerful and catchy chorus, just before the HANOÏ ROCKS influence seriously kicks in with “Secret Society”, “Nuclear Nights”, “Miss Stumbling Legs”, and the dramatic “Day By Day.” Their explosive punk’n’roll influences can be heard in “Iris Kick” while they show their ability to write glammy hits with “Blue Angel.” “Universal Kids” puts a perfect final touch to this new album which should be in your 2018 favourites if you’re into sleaze rock.
Not many bands play this style of music anymore, and they do it very well! So this is another reason for you to get “Angels With Attitude”! /Laurent C.

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