Razorbats “Camp Rock”

First album by Norway’s hard rock’n’rollers RAZORBATS. They’re young, but they do love their 70s rock’n’roll, no doubt about it! Opener “Planet Riff” displays a band with the groove and energy of early KISS mixed to CHEAP TRICK melodies, and these influences are confirmed in the first single of the album, “Kids of The 70s”, as well as in “Getaway.”
You’ll even hear a bit of HANOÏ ROCKS and D.A.D. in “Desolation Highway”, or “Transformer”, but these guys can get heavier on “Soulshaker” and “Mess It Up”, and bring back memories of the 00s punk’n’roll scene (especially BACKYARD BABIES and early HELLACOPTERS) with “Subway Grinder” and “Betty Boop.”
“Warhead” closes this album in an anthemic way, and then you realize that RAZORBATS is the new most exciting Scandinavian band!/Laurent C.

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