Shanda & The Howlers “Trouble”

When you listen to this album, it’s hard to imagine that you’re listening to a band that only started playing together two years ago! First, because they sound as if they’ve been haunting dark smokey clubs for years, and then because they almost sound as an original rhythm & blues band!
Leas singer Shanda’s voice is soulful and powerful, and the guitar/bass/drums and sax sound very natural, as if they were playing just right next to you. Songs like “Born With a Broken Heart”, or “She Don’t Want a Man” will please OTIS REDDING, SAM COOKE and Motown fans while those of you who enjoyed AMY WHINEHOUSE will probably love “Don’t Need Your Love” and “Trouble’s Out To Play.”
In 2017, The ROLLING STONES are getting back to their bluesy roots, and you’ll feel the same vibe here in “Don’t Wait Up” and “Mind Made Up.”
This album deserves a vinyl release, but for now, it is available in CD, on Rum Bar Records. /Laurent C.
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