Bad Decisions “Subnormal”

BAD DECISIONS is a drum/bass duo from Bukarest, Romania. Although they have no guitar, they have atmospheres remininding of a band like FUGAZI on songs like “Aire Negro” or “Quantic Heap”.) Their minimalism also brings SLEAFORD MODS to mind at times (“Careless Whisper II”, “You Love Me Yet You Love Me”) and they sometimes dance on the edge of post-punk (“Dog Day”, “Time Ghetto”) and heavily flirt with garage punk (“Playa De Los Peligros”, “Weekend Bloodbath”.) You’ll even here a slight pop touch in “Down In The Jungle” before the chorus get noisy, a mix of atmospheres in the vein of DEUS. A song like “William The Mad” actually reminds me of the French noise rock scene in the 90s and if you need to quiet down, you’ll get some rest after the chaos with “Books” ending this album in a soft and beautiful psychedelic way. /Laurent C.

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