Bad Decisions “Subnormal”

BAD DECISIONS is a drum/bass duo from Bukarest, Romania. Although they have no guitar, they have atmospheres remininding of a band like FUGAZI on songs like “Aire Negro” or “Quantic Heap”.) Their minimalism also brings SLEAFORD MODS to mind at times (“Careless Whisper II”, “You Love Me Yet You Love Me”) and they sometimes dance on the edge of post-punk (“Dog Day”, “Time Ghetto”) and heavily flirt with garage punk (“Playa De Los Peligros”, “Weekend Bloodbath”.) You’ll even here a slight pop touch in “Down In The Jungle” before the chorus get noisy, a mix of atmospheres in the vein of DEUS. A song like “William The Mad” actually reminds me of the French noise rock scene in the 90s and if you need to quiet down, you’ll get some rest after the chaos with “Books” ending this album in a soft and beautiful psychedelic way. /Laurent C.

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Los Tarzanillos “Lo mejor de lo peor”

LOS TARZANILLOS is a one man project born during the quarantine in Barcelona. The man behind it, David Garceràn also plays in other Spanish bands such as ALGARA, IRREAL, NUEVA FUERZA, ULTRA and ANARQUIA VERTICAL. Minimal drum machines, vintage synth and DEVO craziness all mix together in a chaotic artisy atmosphere. You also get fucked up powerpop guitars in “Todo Sigue Igual” and in a few other songs. The post punk mood and Spanish vocals brings PARALISIS PERMANENTE to mind, but the crazy delay in the voice is closer to SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK! You’ll hear the craziest garage rock you can think of in “Quien Nos Va A Sacar?” and some cartoonish punk in “Aburrimiento” and “No Intentes”. This sounds insane, as the times we’re living in! /Laurent C.


The Cutthroat Brothers “Taste For Evil”

This is the Halloween release for German record label Hound Gawd! Records, and considering the amount of blood in the artwork, it seems like the timing for this release is just perfect. Moreover, you’ll find a little satanic book with the lyrics enclosed along with the download card. The duo plays heavy garage punk (drummer Donny Paycheck used to play in ZEKE), but their music sometimes brings American punk’n’roll such as SOCIAL DISTORTION to mind in songs like “Out Of Control” or “Killing Time.” You’ll also get a bit of psychobilly with GUN CLUB influenced guitars in songs like “Wrong” and “Medicine” The biography says that the duo are real-life barbers which could sound a little scary when looking at their bloodstained shirts! The tribal drum beats and sexy bluesy guitars in “Taste For Evil” or “Shake Move Howl Kill” bring JON SPENCER or The CRAMPS to mind, but songs like “Black Candle” or “Get Haunted” have a big 90s grungy vibe so it’s no surprise to see that Jack Endino produced the album. The records ends with “The King Is Dead” a minimal blues that shows another side of the duo. Good modern rock’n’roll with solid roots, maybe that’s just what we need in 2019! /Laurent C.

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Ditches “The Taste” 7″

These guys could have chosen the easy way and play HELLACOPTERS influenced rock’n’roll since they are from Sweden, but they sound more like American powerpop on speed. “The Taste”, “Tired Eyes” are less than two minutes, and they cover The Go-Go’s “We Don’t Get Along” in their own way and at their own speed! DITCHES play fast, but they manage to keep some melody and a bit of melancholy that will make you want to listen to this 7″ again. This is out on Spanish record label JARAMA 45RPM Records. /Laurent C.

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The Hot LZ’s “Aggravate My Mind”

Founded in 2011 in Portland, Oregon, The HOT LZ’s offer us 12 garage punk songs full of search and destroy energy, with a contemporary powerpop feel in the vocals. Guitars sometimes bring JOHNNY THUNDERS to mind (“Living in Rewind”, “Don’t Wanna See You”), tunes like “Art Of Failing” and “Missing The Point” have a sharp street punk edge, and garage rock’n’roll fans will probably enjoy “Murder In My Heart”.
The HOT LZ’s bring the proto-punk spirit back to life with songs like “Margins (Of My Mind)” or “Drain The Dregs” that sound as if the band just put two mics in a room, drank a few beers, and pressed on the record button. You’ll even hear a bit of surf rock in “Better You Than Me”, and “Fade, Decay (And Blow Away)”, “Baby, You Ain’t Shit”, or “I Can’t Seem To Die” flirt with American old-school hardcore.
“Aggravate My Mind” is raw and real, it is out on vinyl, and it looks as cool as it sounds, so get in touch with the band, and maybe you can have it for Christmas!/Laurent C.

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Brat Farrar “Being With You” 7″

Bela Lugosi on the cover, cool clear vinyl record, this is a good start! BRAT FARRAR is actually Sam Agostino (DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS/KAMIKAZE TRIO/RUSSIAN ROULETTES) doing everything by himself, in the pure DIY way!
“Being With You That Night” has a bit of a MISFITS feel, straight forward dark punk rock, “Let It Go” sounds more 90s indie punk, even bringing some early DINOSAUR JR. to mind, and “Feel This Way” is a catchy new wave/noisy punk song that will appeal to WIRE fans.
This 7″ displays quite an interesting mix of influence and a strong identity, definitely worth checking out!/Laurent C.

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